the kendal card

We are delighted toannounce that the Kendal Card is accepted in K Village in all of our stores (except Costa).

The Kendal Gift Card is a Visa-based gift card which can be used across Kendal. The card works in the same way as department store / shopping centre gift cards but for the whole town. 

It’s a great present for for any occasion, it supports Kendal businesses, you can spread your spend across multiple businesses. It really is the complete Kendal experience!

So if you've been to K Village, loved it and wanted to pass it on, The Kendal Card is the perfect way to do it. The lucky recipient doesnʼt need to redeem the full value in one go and they can spread their spend with a delicious meal, some great new shoes, or some new clothes. If there's any left over they can enjoy the riverside walk into Kendal town centre and spend in over 100 other businesses!

You can put as little as £10 or as much as £500 onto a card, and buyng one is simple. Just visit the Kendal Card website and buy and pay securely online.

Q. What's the picture? A. It's the old cutting room at the K Shoes factory that used to stand right where K Village is sited nowadays. Learn more in our Heritage Centre!